Internet casino games have two major camps, just as they always have. There are the table game loyalists on one side and the slot machine maniacs on the other. There is no right and wrong because everyone likes what they like. The two types of games are very different in nature, though, and they will appeal to very different type of play styles. Explore our website to learn more about all the games available to you in online casinos. If you’re from team slots you might never have played a round of craps, and that is a shame. Conversely, if you’re from the table game side, you might have always scoffed at slots, thinking they’re inferior. If this describes you, get ready for an incredible surprise. Today’s slots are not the same as the boring old machines of yesteryear. They are some of the most dynamic and exciting games in the world, especially at places like Grand Reef, a top online casinos, today.

But why listen to what we have to say? Easy. You would be tapping into a pool of knowledge gathered over many years working in the industry. I was once a casino operator myself, and I have teamed up with a number of experts to bring you quality articles about the games you might find at online casinos. The laws in the US have changed making it impossible for us to continue operating a casino, but it does not mean we need to abandon you to the wolves.

Because your safety is important and not every online casino is reputable we will also make recommendations for where to play. We will only discuss the top-online casinos. You don’t have to take our word for it. We will steer you toward the best and most reputable. You should then take it upon yourself to do further research on these casinos to make sure they match your needs.

I hope you will take away a lot from the information we provide you with. We have spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of the industry. If we make it easier for you to be the next big winner, we have done our job.

Best of luck!

Reginald Nolan

The Short List: Recommended Casinos

888 Casino
Bonus: $1,400
Software: Random Logic
Some say that the 888 Casino is the yardstick by which all other casinos are measured. There are a lot of casinos out there, so it might be a bit unfair to say that one specific casinos tops them all. That said, however, the 888 Casino does get a lot of things right. They have certainly been alive for long enough to have learned to run an online casino business smoothly. From the bonus structure to the software they use, everything about the 888 Casino is top of the line. The company that owns this casino, 888 Holdings, is a publicly traded company in Europe. The casino itself has over 1000 employees who work full time. If nothing else, it is one of the biggest casino operators in the world, and they have the numbers to prove it. 25 million users cannot be wrong.

Betway Casino
Bonus: $1,000
Software: Microgaming
Betway is all about abundance of games. They are built on the amazing Microgaming platform, which means there are a lot more games than at the average casino. They also specialize in exotic games. This is the casino of choice for those who want to try Asian gambling games, such as the insanely popular pachinko from Japan. All these games are bolstered by spectacular progressive jackpots. No matter which type of game you choose at Betway, the payout percentages are among the best you are likely to find. With an average payout percentage of 97% even the most reckless gamblers would be hard pressed to find something to complain about. In addition to the slots and table games, Betway has the additional benefit of a mature platform for Poker and one of the most comprehensive sports betting systems around. To say they have a lot of games is a colossal understatement. The Betway Casino will keep players busy for a very long time.

Europa Casino
Bonus: $2,400
Software: Playtech
The Europa Casino is known to be a very classy offering. Everything at the Europa Casino is elegantly restrained. The games catalog has approximately 300 games, and all of them are top of the line. There are several progressive jackpot games, but they do not make up a large percentage of the total games offered. The bonus they give is extremely generous and is designed to be structured in the most ideal way possible. From the way the welcome bonus is dispensed to the vast number of perks available to loyal players, very few online casinos can match the Europa Casino’s penchant for gift giving. The live dealer games are one of the main draws at the Europa Casino. The dealers are exceptionally attractive. Although this is by design, to keep players at the table, it is undoubtedly a wonderful experience to interact with such beauties. The main game graphics don’t disappoint. They are high resolution and engineered with realism in mind. The Europa Casino screams top of the line quality in every way.

Mansion Casino
Bonus: $5,000
Software: Playtech
Every casino claims to be the best at something. Sometimes it is a legitimate claim and other times it is not. The Mansion Casino claims nothing, yet offers the best bonus in the entire industry. $5,000 in a series of match bonuses for new players and a 25% weekly match bonus on deposits. The Mansion Casino is good. There are casinos with better graphics or a bigger list of games. This is true. But there is no other casino online that treats players as well or as generously as the Mansion Casino does. It is simply astounding. This kind of bonus goes a long way to padding player longevity. Bigger bets equal better and more frequent payouts. This bonus allows players to make use of this simple truth of gambling. Suddenly anyone can afford to be a high roller. There is more to the Mansion Casino, however. The big bonus is nice, but the fact that almost one in four games at the Mansion Casino features a progressive jackpot means that there are plenty of games in which betting big can pay off in a major way.

Spin Palace Casino
Bonus $1,000
Software: Microgaming
Slots is the name of the game at the Spin Palace. There are other games to be played as well. All the table games are there. But the Spin Palace Casino is really all about the slots. Hundreds of them. There is just no other place online or offline anyone can go that will offer this many slots in one place. The fact that these games are by Microgaming means, on top of it all, that these aren’t just regular old slots. These are the newest, best, flashiest, most entertaining slots on the planet. Some feature stories that unfold as you play and others feature gigantic prizes worth millions. Each one is different and all are worth a play credit. It is no wonder that the Spin Palace swept the industry awards the year it came out. Most notably it took home the Best New Site Concept award from Gambling Online Magazine. The concept being a niche product when all the competition wanted to diversify as much as possible. If you’re a slots person, Spin Palace Casino is the place for you.

How do I know these casinos are safe?

Indeed. There is a great way to determine whether or not a casino is safe. The casinos we listed here all carry the eCOGRA seal of approval. eCOGRA is the industry standard independent testing and ratings lab for online casinos. The seal should take you directly to the eCOGRA website where they will explain how the casino was tested and how it was determined that it was both “fair and safe” from a scientific standpoint. What you need to know is that the casinos undergo regular testing and that their encryption protocols are in the 128 bit range, which cannot be hacked with current generation technology. All your transactions are safe with all of the above casinos, as well as CasinoEuro.