The slot machine: the most popular casino game of all time. This is not by accident. There is a good reason why slots are as popular as they are. Slot machines are fun. Slot machines are simple to learn and simple to play. Slot machines know how to entertain. The new slots include video clips, and storylines. They fully involve players in an adventure that continues as they play. Slot machines are also the simplest game at the casino. They are pure gambling devices. You make a wager, push a button, and you either win or lose. Forget strategy. Forget learning tables. Slots are win it or lose it games and retain the most basic part of what makes gambling exciting. It doesn’t hurt that slot machines pay out the biggest prizes in the casino. Millions of dollars are up for grabs every day for slots players worldwide. Love them or hate them, slot machine are the most popular casino game on earth. They are what supports the casino and keeps it alive. They are the machines that create instant millionaires. Slot machines are the casino’s beating heart. Check out Winner Casino for an unbelievable selection of slots.


If slots are the beating heart of the casino, its soul must surely reside at the blackjack table. Of all the table games, blackjack reigns supreme. It is easy to learn the basics of the game, but it is by far the most complex game at the casino. Unlike most other games you might find at the casino, blackjack allows players to affect their luck with skilled play. Chance plays a role, to be sure, but skill can edge the odds in one direction or the other. To properly learn how to play the game perfectly requires years of dedicated study. But it is not necessary to be an absolute pro in order to win at the blackjack table. One can start winning just by learning the basic strategy. This is a set of rules that inexperienced players must memorize, and which will guarantee that their game will be 97% optimal. The remaining three percentage points are the magic relegated to pro players. Blackjack might not be the most popular casino game in the world, but it certainly is the most popular table game. It is also the most beloved. Grand Reef by the way is a great casino for blackjack.


Craps are arguably the most enjoyable game in the casino. It is an easy game to learn. It requires almost no knowledge or strategy. Yet it offers odds comparable to playing perfect blackjack. If one wants to gamble and have fun at the same time, nothing can beat a round of craps. The energy is palpable, the excitement is electrifying. People gather around the tables, and it is the same online. Craps is the type of game that just draws a crowd to it no matter what. Online craps are so lucrative, in fact, that they are the crown jewel of any game collection. Online craps offers a 99% payback rate. This is over 4% higher than what the best blackjack player can expect at a real world casino. To allow one to become an instant gambling pro, craps cannot be beaten. Play it now at Mr Green Casino.


Roulette is the quintessential classy casino game. It is dead simple. A spin of the wheel, a roll of the ball, and luck takes over. All that’s left to do is watch in anticipation and hope for a win. This requires self control and nerves of steel. Watching the roulette wheel is to observe beauty in action. This is why roulette is the favorite game of film and commercial spot directors. If they want to show that people are having an upscale good time, the roulette table is instant shorthand to get the message across. Nothing is lost in translation to the online version. In fact, the online experience might be even more refined than the real thing. Players always have a perfect view of the action and there are no creepy numbers trackers around to make other players uneasy. The only thing to remember at the roulette table is to leave notions of strategy behind. There is no way to predict results in roulette. The way to play this game is to make a wager and wait white-knuckled for the result.


Baccarat is a game shrouded in mystery. Most people have no idea how to play this ancient and noble game. It was developed in the 1700s for the royal court of France and its pedigree has never waned. It is still a game best left to the rich, the risk prone, and the brave. Extravagant amounts of money are necessary in order to enjoy a round of baccarat. Things are changing, however, and baccarat is being democratized. This game that used to be the sole domain of the very rich, hidden away in back rooms, is now an online casino staple that can be played for low stakes or even free. It is well worth learning to play this historic game. The thrills it offers are the most exciting of all. It is a game of escalating danger. Ruin can come at any minute and majestic wins are always just ahead.


The most overlooked game in the casino is inarguably Video Poker. It doesn’t have the high profile of the slot machines and just doesn’t draw people like blackjack. The graphics are often a lot more drab, which might be a contributing factor. And it is a real shame. Video poker is one of the best games to play in the casino. It offers a spectacularly deep playing experience. Anyone who knows how to play poker already knows how to win at video poker. And strategy really does work. It is one of the only two games in the casino that rewards skilled players. To top off the list of attributes that make video poker one of the best games of all time is the fact that it is often tied up to massive progressive jackpots. The game play is simple but the wins can be life changing. For a fantastic selection of video poker games, visit Eurogrand Casino.


There is a good reason that these games have withstood the test of time. They are classic and timeless. And they all translate beautifully to the small screen. Check out the tabs for each of these games to find out more about their history and how to play them. Take a look at the recommended casino list to find out where to play these amazing games. The rewards are waiting to be reaped.